Working Other People’s Platform!

Marketing, marketing… MARKETING! A great way to get your products and services in front of more and more potential clients is to market. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. This month we’ve been discussing ways to make sure you are not doing just that! Check out the past posts for this month for more ways to market. Today we will focus on utilizing others peoples platform to spread the word about what we have to offer. There are various ways to get on someone else’s platform: speaking, guest blogging, podcast guest, be interviewed, media, etc… This way of marketing really helps when the platform you appear on has a greater other than yours, a newer audience than yours and most importantly, is filled with an audience that need and are willing to buy into your offerings.


Imagine if Oprah came to you and wanted you to speak on her platform. Now, imagine how much revenue that you could bring in if your offerings align with her vast audience. Most of us have dreamed of such and opportunity!


Dreams do come true, however until Oprah’s people call your people… keep in mind that platform doesn’t have to be as big as Oprah. It need only have the ability to find someone around you that has just as much influence. Getting on someone else’s platform can be free or there can be a cost associated with the appearance. However, if the platform meets the aforementioned qualifications, the cost can be worth the notoriety and exposure. So, do not just pick any random person that you see on social media. Stalk them first. Yes, I said stalk. You have to be sure getting on their platform will actually boost your business’ visibility and do so to the right people. You also want to make sure that your missions, beliefs, etc… align with the platform you in which you have the chance to appear. You will not just be getting the word out on what you offer in your business, you will also be showing more people what kind of people you are willing to associate yourself and your business with. Be strategic. Be aligned. Be great!