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My name is Tae Lee and I am your finance coach.

I am dedicated to helping individuals freestyle their lifestyle and gain financial freedom.

I am the Money Maximizer that will help you take your life and finances to the next level.

Money Success Planner Jump Start

The Never Go Broke Money Success Planner Jump Start is a planner that allows you to gain financial money freedom. It has a revenue distribution chart, allocation of money, and so much more. This planner gives you a detailed outline at your finances, money savings plans, and different templates to help you maximize your money in business and personal goals. Lets Jump Start your life!

Grocery Readiness List

This grocery readiness list allows you to keep track of what you what you have to spend and also what you can maintain in the kitchen. It keeps you on task with money and not having to waste so much food.

Start Maximizing Your Finances Today!