Social Media Market Now!

Now that we know what marketing is and how it a big part of a business’ ability to make money, you should start implementing marketing in your business ASAP! One of the major concerns with marketing is that the price of marketing is too high. However, we are in an era where marketing can be almost completely free. How you ask? Social media is the answer.


Social media marketing is a widely and successfully used vehicle for businesses to get their message out, build community, and finally offer goods and services for sale. Common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/Periscope, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Even with the use of scheduling the distribution of your content and not have sit behind computer all the time. It may take a little elbow grease to plan strategies, draft content and create graphics. Other than that, you can market your business at little or no charge. Just like any efforts in your business, you have to stay consistent with your marketing. You can’t put up a release content every now and then, but expect great results. You will have to execute a plan to be routine and consistent on these platforms, if you want to bring in top revenue.


It’s been pointed out that the cost of marketing on social is little to nothing and not just free. To reach more of an audience in a shorter amount of time, you may have to “pay to play”. This means you may have to purchase ads. The good thing about the ads on popular sites like Facebook and Instagram is that you can spend as little as $5 a week to get your message out to more people. Social media ads allow you to pick the demographic and interests of your ideal client. You can your target pick age, race, gender, and location of where your audience is. This is important because the people you are paying to see your ad are great for what you have to say or sell.


Social media is one of the best marketing strategies because it is cost effective, gives you a high conversion rate, and takes a time investment worth paying.


Now is the time to get out that paper to see what platform you want to use, who your target market is, and your budget to get marketing through social media. Let’s get ready!