Saying No Will Keep You Focused!

It’s our nature to be good… to want to help everyone that we can.  When clients or potential clients come to us, we automatically think to say yes. One yes can lead to many opportunities, but it can also lead to a lot of stress and a loss of profits.

Every time you are approached with an opportunity, it may not be for you. Many beginning Entrepreneurs, and even some seasoned Entrepreneurs, have slow times where the revenue isn’t flowing as much.

During these times you need to be particularly careful to evaluate what seems like a good deal, as it may not be. Evaluate if it is worth the money. Evaluate if it will be a headache. Saying yes to everything can lead to never taking the time to work ON your business because you are always too busy working IN your business.

When business is slow, it is a great time work on new products, new services, and fresh marketing to get new clients. Saying yes to things that aren’t worth your while can lead to being stretched too thin when worthwhile opportunities do arise. You either miss the great opportunity because you are distracted by the one that wasn’t a fit or you don’t have time for the great opportunity because you still have to deliver on the one that wasn’t a fit.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when a so, so opportunity comes your way and you’re not sure if it worth your time:

Is this opportunity within the scope of my brand?

Will taking this opportunity make sense for the time and effort it will take to complete?

Is the profit margin of the opportunity where it needs to be for it to make sense?

Will it be beneficial to what I am currently trying to build?


After you ask yourself these questions, it will allow you to decide if it really going to help your finances and business as a whole. If not, saying NO is okay and saying it multiples times if needed is great. Saying yes can leave you overwhelmed and underpaid, especially if the opportunity turns out not as you intended it to be. Always evaluate what you are saying yes to and what delivering on that opportunity will look like.


Say it with me, “If it isn’t truly benefiting my finances or my business, then the answer is no.” No explanation needed, simply…







No, Thank You.


And watch your business and finances grow; one NO at a time!