Maximize with Big Events!

A great way for Entrepreneurs to reach more potential customers is to access platforms belonging to other people and companies with an audience that is perfect for your products and services. Events or festivals, that are world renowned or hugely popular, may seem out of reach to you for your business. However, you never know whether you are just want a platform is looking for until you submit to be on it. Taking a chance can get your business to new level of recognition and increased amounts of profits. More exposure means more people to sell to and that is how the profits increase.

Here are two ways to maximize other platforms to help your business:

  1. Business Networking Events. When big events or festivals are scheduled, be sure to attend any and all networking events that are associated with them. Usually when there are events that take place over a few days, there will be business events that create networking opportunities to help your business to grow. These events give you the opportunity to meet new potential customers, other businesses to create new strategic partners, and share your expertise -all at the same time. A lot of the events are free or low cost, so make sure you take advantage of getting in the room with the Who’s Who of your business network and those that can grow your business.


  1. Another opportunity that often presents itself with big events is the chance to be a vendor. Vending creates a more direct way to let people know what your company is about, the problems it solves, and the customers that need it. Networking doesn’t always connect you to every person that may need your products or services. However, taking advantage of vending opportunities has the potential to let everyone at the event know who you are and what you offer –without direct contact from you. Vending at other event, as well as independent pop up shops and showcases, are on the rise and can be low cost. Being known by those you can directly touch through networking and those were informed of your vending presence by the event promotions and your vending visuals can definitely increase you’re the number of potential customers and the cash flow from their sales.


These are just two ways to get your business in front of more people for business exposure, increased influence, and increased cash flow and profits. You never know who will see what you are offering and love it. Start thinking, “What events can I take part in to increase my profits?” You may be surprised.