Do you know basic accounting?

Entrepreneurs can have different processes that they follow for dealing with revenue, cash flow, debts, and profits in their business. Starting out, a lot of Entrepreneurs may or may not have an established accounting system; even some seasoned entrepreneurs may not have one. However, this is one of the most important aspects of starting and growing your business.


Accounting is intimidating to a lot of business owners because they feel it is hard to learn. But every Entrepreneur should and needs to know the basics of accounting. This knowledge is needed to keep track of cash flow, business operations, and even whether you are successful or not. Basic accounting knowledge will:


  1. …allow you to understand the cash flow of your business. Basic accounting shows you the difference between profit and loss and lets you know if the company is actually making money. It will show you exactly how much money is coming in and from where, as well as how much money is going out and to who.


  1. …allow you to grow your business. Basic accounting tells you which product/service is selling well and which is not. That information allows you to give your customers more of what they are buying and less of what they will not buy.


  1. …allow you to improve your business. Basic accounting creates records that be reviewed for information on when business slows down or picks up. You can then improve your business by doing something different to bring in more money during past slow periods and even expand or hire more help during the more fast paced periods.


You don’t have to know everything about accounting, but you do need to know the basics to more effectively run your business. Take the time to learn about your accounts receivable, expenses, debt, and payroll. Not only will get you ahead of the game, but it will give you a baseline of standards for hiring an accountant to take over in future. Don’t run from the numbers, embrace and learn them so that you can know and understand the future of the business.