Got Retirement?

We have talked about saving for business and lifestyle goals. You make it super easy to purchase big ticket necessities, take care of emergencies and more when you make the decision to save. Another reason great savings goal is retirement. Most entrepreneurs do not have a plan in place for retirement. Instead, they are winging it, hoping for the best and just seeing what happens. Still others are hoping that a big break comes along that will take care of it. Retirement is important because unless we strike millions, it is needed in our later years, when we can no longer work, for our survival.


There are different ways to save for your retirement. I would not suggest just putting money into a savings account. It is wiser to save in an account that will give you more than .02 interest. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when picking a retirement savings:

  1. What does my retirement look like and are my goals realistic to obtain it?
  2. How much do I need to save to cover my lifestyle when you don’t have a job?
  3. How do I plan for the lifestyle I want to have in retirement?
  4. What kind of fund is best for me (401k, IRA’s, etc…)?


Retirement is a necessity in life. We are living longer and longer lives. We need money to take care of ourselves and live our best life even when we are unable to work due to age. We can achieve this through a retirement savings.


There are different reasons to save and we need to plan for them accordingly. Even though it would be hard in the beginning, it is essential that we use discipline to save for personal, business, and retirement savings. Now it is time to get out that sheet of paper and answer the questions related to your retirement! Let’s make it happen!