Get Out Of The Way Of Your Money!

Entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with constant ideas, planning, marketing, selling, product development, projects, and so much more. Some days you may have it all figured out and things run smoothly. Other times, you may not know if we are coming or going. Feeling overwhelmed will slow down your progress. Most often your business begins with actions from you. Most likely your knowledge helps fuel the business and your actions ignite the start of execution for the business. If you slow down or stop, then the cash flow and profits slows down or stop. When you feel that you are blocking the flow of your business, here are some ways that you can get unblocked and make it happen so that you can get back to business and back to the cash flow:


  1. Put down your phone. Entrepreneurs can easily get distracted by their phones. Every buzz, ring, or alert, and you jump to give it your attention. Take time to put your phone away and get work done uninterrupted. You’ll get more done and see more forward motion in your business.


  1. Plan your time wisely.Start planning production time for the work that you have to get done. If you have to be creative, it may be best to plan that for the morning before meetings while you still have fresh energy. If you have to be analytical and review something, plan that for times when you have total silence such as early morning before work hours or late evenings when the house is quiet. Start planning the times where you can get everything accomplished. Time equals money so make sure you are planning it wisely.


  1. Take a break or focus on something else.If you can’t seem to figure things out or gain traction to finish something, stop and take a break or turn your attention to start working on something else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be more work, but something that can help clear your mind to get things done. Taking a breather from what you are doing can help you refresh yourself to get it done even better when you turn your attention back to it.


Throughout entrepreneurship, the pressures and demands can reach high levels. Never forget that you are the brain of your operations and you need to keep it going at optimal performance. Keep that mojo that sparked the start of a business and the growth of profits. The overall goal is to increase cash flow, increase profits, build wealth, reduce debt, and a great way to do that is by making your time work for you and your business.