Don’t be Petty Betty or Petty Bob….

In this day and age, clients have access to review your products and services and potential clients have access to see past reviews to make a buying decision. These reviews can come in the form of Yelp, Google, Facebook, other review specific platforms (some even industry specific like Trip Advisor or Angie’s List). Even without a platform that is set-up to take reviews, past clients could comment on your/your business’ social media or tag you/your business in social media comments that potential clients would see.

As an Entrepreneur, you are human. You will make mistakes and every buying experience may not be the best it could be for your customer. Should you get an unfavorable review, do NOT make it an argument. Do NOT get petty and defensive. No, the customer is not always right BUT it is never right for a business owner to handle such encounters in an unprofessional manner.

Your public response is more for future customers than the one that is currently complaining. So, instead of giving a petty response, do the following:

  1. Acknowledge that they said they had a less than desired experience
  2. Apologize for the experience
  3. Offer to make it better in a way that makes sense for the customer and your business using the subject of the complaint as a reference for the degree of how you make it better

One dissatisfied customer giving a negative review or making a negative remark on a public forum is not just about possibly losing future business from that customer. It is also about future customers observing the situation and evaluating whether they want to purchase from you too. You are your brand or in the very least, you represent your business. Always represent it well and watch the money flow.