Is Your Backup Plan Helping You?

Most of us, especially as Entrepreneurs, have been told to have a backup plan. Having a backup plan means that if Plan A does not work out, then Plan B picks up the pieces. The Plan B is considered the normal first choice and Plan A is considered the “hail Mary”. Betting on the safe choice, Plan B, brings about okay results. What everybody is doing gets you what everybody gets or less. However, taking great risk can bring great reward.


Is you backup plan helping or hurting you? So, let’s talk about it. Having a Plan B may create a comfort level where you do not work as hard on the Plan A. Without feeling as though your back is against the wall to make it work, you may allow obstacles to win rather than working it out to continue on.


Plan A can be entrepreneurship and Plan B your job. If you have a job, how hard are you working on your business? You may not market your business the way you should or really worry about making enough money to have a profit in your business. Are you working on your business as hard as you would if you had to get money from your business survive because you did not have a job? Or do you work on your business as you feel like it or have time to work on it after working your job, living life, etc.?


When you have a Plan A without a dependency on a Plan B, you give it 100%. Your thoughts of Plan A should not be, “well I’ll see what happens, but I’ll be fine if it doesn’t work because I have a job”. Instead, your thoughts should be, “I am going to make it happen with my business, regardless of having my job to fall back on”.


Evaluate now whether you are really focused on the success of your Plan A or whether you are really playing at Plan A and relying on Plan B. Before you throw in the towel on Plan A and go to Plan B, C, or D, make sure you gave Plan A your all.  Your business, money, and success with Plan A depend on it. Here is a suggested plan:


  1. Have a strategic and viable Plan A
  2. Work at it 100%
  3. Do not get comfortable
  4. If Plan A doesn’t work, change the direction and not the plan
  5. Repeat steps 1-4, if necessary