Why Aren’t You Going Live?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have talked about how to market your business in order to turn ideas into profits. Social media, and email marketing have been discussed to market your business. Live stream is a good way to market any products or services that you may offer and to promote you as the expert who created the products and services.


Live stream is today’s television alternative for live and video visibility. People love to see the real us in real time; live stream is the way to go to present both. There are so many platforms that offer live streaming. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter/Periscope, just to name a few. All of these platforms allow people to experience you in a personal way. I have been in the audience of a woman that live streams all the new jewelry in her collection. Every time I have joined her stream, I witnessed that she sells out of her inventory by the end of the live. She is using free marketing… FREE! There was time you could not be seen by several people via video broadcast to promote your business without being invited onto a talk show or paying top dollar for commercial time. In addition to the cost of the broadcast of your commercial, in the past, you would have to do have professional makeup and hair done, pay for a videographer, video editing, possible a script writer, etc… before submitting your tape for a television commercial. Even you paid to have your live stream circulated as an ad on social media, that cost is nominal compared to producing a commercial for television.


Live streaming is very effective in getting the reach you want to market your business in front of several potential clients. Posting a picture on social media is good, but live streaming (which provides real time engagement opportunities) is better for increasing the like, know, and trust factor of those getting to know you. People are watching more and more, and loving it. If you have a business that and the client base for your business is on social media, there is no for not live streaming as least once a week.


If you are ready to get more free marketing, start live streaming, you cannot go wrong when you marry strategy and access. After you finish reading this, live stream now. Don’t delay! You got this!