Are You Ready for Marketing?

The one thing that EVERY business needs is revenue. To get revenue, you need people to buy what you have for sale. To get people to buy what you have for sale, they have to know what you are selling and be clear that they should buy it. The latter takes marketing.


Great marketing can create revenue and a great reputation for your business. However, bad marketing can give your business a bad reputation and possibly even create huge revenue losses, some of which could cause your business to close its doors. Marketing the right way can allow you to engage with your clients, increase your sales, and give increased visibility for your company to potential clients.


In order for marketing to work and increase your sales, you have to be strategic about it. Entrepreneurs should not just wing it. It is not suggested that you use trial and error. Instead, sit down and take the time to put a plan in place to get the best results for the investment and your business. Some entrepreneurs say that they cannot afford to invest in marketing, but in this day and age, there are different avenues to get marketing for your business for little or no money.


Don’t let the lack of marketing be a reason why your business isn’t thriving. A business that does not make any money is definitely a hobby.


strategic marketing plan + ideal customer attention = increased revenue


winging it + poor market research = a lost investment


Ask yourself:

  • What strategic plans do you have in place to market your business?


  • What is your price range?


  • Who will you market to?


Get out that pen and paper. Now, let’s get to marketing!