Are you consistently inconsistent?

Entrepreneurs continuously have things to do. Whether it is working for your current clients or working to get new clients, there is always things to do. One of the biggest problems is consistency. Are you inconsistent with your marketing, promotions, goal setting, and other business related activities? If so, then you are also receiving inconsistent results that lead to inconsistently making money, getting out of debt, growing your business, and building wealth.

Here are three reasons to be consistent in your business:

  1. It helps establish systems.Being consistent allows you to see what systems do and do not work for your business. You get to gauge how long, what type, what type of feedback you received, and what the next step are.


  1. It creates repeat customers.Being consistent draws a picture for not only you to see, but for your customers to see also. They look and notice that you are giving them what they need on a continuous basis, which leads to them becoming comfortable on depending on you for the same results. Great patterns result in repeat business.


  1. It grows your business. When your current customers can depend on you for great results, they start telling others about how great you are. Therefore, in addition to the revenue from repeat customers, you now have revenue from referrals. Giving consistent results will give you consistent business.


Develop a routine, even if it isn’t as often as it could be. The goal is to be consistent enough to be able to predict results. This is true for servicing the customers as well as other activities in your business.  For example, to increase customer attraction the best social media results come from daily interactions with your audience. However, you can consistently engage on social media once a week. So start your routine as a weekly one.

As you become consistent with your routine, change the routine to increase the frequency of your activities and then become consistent with the new pattern. Using the same example, you can now routinely engage on social media three times a week. So you change the pattern to be consistently engage with your audience three times a week, every week.

This same shift can be done in other areas of your business. Start with a routine that you can be consistent with, then increase the activity and become consistent with the new pattern. You have to work smart to transition from inconsistent to consistent. Consistency is key, so get started. Your business and bank account will thank you later.